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Ergonomic Furniture for Children and Adults

Kid2Youth Design Idea

In compliance with ISO & ASTM standards, our products are customized so they are adjustable to the best position for each individual need.

1. Our German made Stabilus gas lift allows TCT products to be raised and lowered for greatest efficiency in adjusting the height of your workspace. This adjustment for height allows for truly ergonomic functions and by adjusting the surface you use for writing, reading, drawing you now have the ability to work with less stress upon your body.

2. It is critical to body health that you adjust your work position often. Most all doctors recommend changing positions every few hours to relieve stress upon the vertebra of the back and neck. By changing the positions of various bones and joints you relieve the pressure and stress that builds up on them over time. By sitting & standing in different ways and angles, the human body receives a minimum of harm from hours working. Our tilt able & adjustable designs enable users to choose their best positions while sitting and standing during working.

Upholding the theory of true ergonomics, we at TCT have put safety & health our #1 priority. By meeting or exceeding all standards laid down by the world’s toughest testing laboratories we continue to achieve products that are excellent in quality and performance.


Leading brand & manufacturer in ergonomic furniture

Gone through half century, TCT keeps being the best. We have been contributing to the ergonomic furniture for nearly a decade long wining more and more endorsement from customer and consumer.

Next position always the best! Widely study reveals people can’t emphasize the importance of living healthier to human more. Tons of furniture were developed for such purpose but failed the catch the points of constant changing position is the key to release pressures from bone and muscle. Forced to maintain same gesture greatly harms human body.

Too many, in advanced countries are aware of the damages to human body results from hours sitting in office. Expensive auto desk are used to solve problems of spinal pathological changes. TCT paying all efforts on inexpensive ergonomic desk & chair so everybody can afford.

Desk top easily ups and downs to the position needed through the patented Germany made mechanism.

Conforming with ISO. Angle adjustable base on different need to work provides the most comfortable position.

Patented tilting mechanism enable computer user operating tools in highest efficiency. Pressures relief for long-term pains accumulated in joints of neck, wrist and shoulder.

Daily work sitting hours long causes a painful waist! Switching positions sit and stand eliminates possible pathological changes.

Piano lacquer + none reflection PU finish absorbs unnecessary light avoid stimulation to eyes.

E0 & E1 none toxic coating paint approved international standards European Union & U.S.A.

Struggling because of pains in neck, wrist, shoulder and the back?

90% office worker has same problems as you do nowadays. Incorrect gesture makes the neck, wrist, shoulder and back bearing weight far more than they can, pathological changes therefore occurs. Ignorance might caused they fail to function for good. Change position as much as possible when you still can.


Why TCT?

TCT dynamic work station’s designs bases on ISO, tested and approved by legal medical institutions fits for different ages and body sizes. Easy to adjust to wanted height & angle of the user reduces the pressures, adds fun to work! TCT products will be the best experience to life and work.

TCT dynamic work station helps to stay away from spinal pathological changes. A push or pull on a button, ups and downs to the adequate position in consideration of user’s need. Properly using TCT products sit & stand in turn secures your health!